TRAJECTOIRES, vue de l'exposition 11/2016 © Patrick Muller

TRAJECTOIRES, vue de l'exposition 11/2016 © Patrick Muller


A physical engagement with painting – in the true sense of the word. A constant struggle where anger coexists and clashes with tenderness, sadness, love and happiness. The music’s loud. The player gets stuck on the same song, and after a while I’ve had enough of it. I’m looking down on the canvas, I’m walking around it, I become one with it. My painting is all focus and fluidity, but also full of contradictions – between the energy of the initial attack and the composure needed for its development, between the passion of feelings and the calm that follows it, between the violence of chaos and the gentleness of love. This is the story of my inner turmoil.


Frank Jons


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Heavy Petrol & Frank Jons

Kuk, KultulKanal

Music & arts! KUK invites one artist for a live painting performance at the Aircheck Sessions with radio 100,7 and Kulturfabrik. Watch Frank Jons, together with Heavy Petrol.

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Galerie Indépendance, 69 route d'Esch, Luxembourg

« Lorsque l’on regarde les œuvres de Frank Jons, l’on sent qu’il y pratique une sorte de chute libre. Il s’agit de cet instant déterminant où tout se joue…cet instant décisif continue à vibrer dans sa peinture. Ici, rien n’est statique, tout est mouvement. » Christian Mosar


TRAJECTOIRES - exposition personnelle 

vidéo : Catherine Dauphin