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These frescoes from 2013 and 2014 originate from a small commissioned work in the shape of a brick. While exhibiting at Art Paris, Jons made contact with a charity that collaborated with artists (f.i. Soulages in 2011) to create bricks sold at auction to fund humanitarian projects in Madagascar. In 2013 he was in turn commissioned to design such a brick – a small three-dimensional format that would open up a new chapter in his work. After a period in which he had focused on monochromatic compositions, the bricks and their serial arrangement also provided an occasion to reintroduce colour. By putting them side by side, they could be formed into fresco-like compositions – a formal option Jons decided to explore further.

From commissions to competitions, frescoes soon held their own in his body of work. He experimented with techniques and endured the physical strain. The result is a large-scale explosion of colours tamed by technical and stylistic mastery.

Something New, 110.8 x 277.7, 2015 - EFG Bank © photos Patrick Muller

Sans Regrets, 145.5 x 106, 2015 - atelier de l'artiste © photos Patrick Muller

The Blue Night, 145.5 x 176.7, 2015 - collection privée © photos Patrick Muller

Californyeah1, 2013, 200 x 490 - collection privée © photos Patrick Muller

The Musical Box, 2014, 150 x 305 - collection privée © photos Patrick Muller

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