Candy Crush 

Candy Crush (2014) is the result of an invitation by the artist Wouter Van der Vlugt to exhibit at Sixthfloor (Neimillen in Koerich, Luxembourg). It is the product of a collaboration between a sculptor/designer who excels in highly polished forms and an expansive colourist painter.

Three sculptural objects of different sizes were hollowed out by Van der Vlugt, or “primed”, to be subsequently painted by Jons – a challenging task for an artist used to working with large formats, and a compelling experience in trying to bring his technical mastery to bear on the relationships between medium, form and pictorial matter. From cocoon to stele, the cavities open up and the colours spread by adapting to the shapes of the objects in a symbiotic relationship. 

© 2015 Frank Jons 

Atelier 1535°C - 115a, rue Emile Mark, L-4620 Differdange