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Reacting to the sadness and confusion he felt after the death of a special friend, Jons created four paintings of almost surreal power, which demonstrate the decisive role of painting in his life as a form of release from everyday problems. With La pluie noire, Le brasier, Les craquelures de la vie and Repose en paix, his painting explores new depths. Acting as a curtain, vertical drippings provide glimpses of a profound, seemingly inaccessible space in the background.

As he was overcoming his grief, a growing sense of new possibilities bolstered his confidence to experiment with space and flatness and the relationship between image and frame.

This formal investigation culminated in Les Filaments rouges and, more importantly, Un peu de verdure, a work that bears witness to Jons’s command of space and depth in which the pictorial substance can unfold vertically.

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